Piano Lessons

It's time. Your kid loves music and you want to get them started in piano lessons. We built a school JUST FOR THEM!


You won’t find boring or intimidating piano lessons here!

We created our very own curriculum and lesson program that lets kids have an amazing piano lesson experience from day one.

Song Choice

Your kid can learn to play their favorite song (even faster than you might think!)

Empowered Learning

Reading music, ear training, music theory… Taught in a way kids like and understand!

Points and Prizes

Kids literally see the progress they make, and choose their own rewards for their hard work!

No Practice Battles

We use an interactive app with videos and theory activities in between lessons (more points!)

Easy Reschedules

Need to miss? We’ll send a link with an easy to use calendar to reschedule your lesson, no questions asked!

Low Stress

Your kid will learn at their own pace, and in a way that they actually enjoy. (And here’s a secret…they will learn more this way!)

"Our daughter started a couple years ago and has found such a passion for creating music. She is learning more than just memorizing a piece which is why we love BlueinGreen. They are so excited to teach all areas of making music."


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