Piano Lessons for Kids In Phoenix

The piano lessons you wish you had as a kid

Walking in to a typical lesson room is like entering a time machine…

1960s:  “Eyes on the page, fingers on the keys, don’t mess up, don’t forget, PRACTICE”….how is that any fun??

The Year 2000:  “Alright kids, you don’t actually need to learn to play music.  Just look at those stickers!  Red, red, red, green, green, green, blue…hear that? Your parents listened to that song when you were a kid!”……ummm, we thought this was music school, not a video game??

Welcome to the 21st century:  Kids deserve a music school that believes in their ability to take on challenges, and understands the importance of having fun.  We created our own curriculum called STEM for Music Education that helps kids learn incredibly important musical tools, and then allows them to apply those tools to learn any song they choose!

Serious music education and maximum student motivation is possible, click “Get Started” to see for yourself!

“As a parent who learned the “traditional way”, I am amazed at how much music theory my kids already know at 6 and 9 years old. But all they care about is that they are learning to play the songs that they love from teachers that they trust and admire.” -Kendra

STEM for Music Education

Our 40 min lessons don't require kids to sit in front of a piano staring at a book for 40 minutes (boring!). We turn our (huge) lesson rooms into music laboratories where kids move around and discover how music works with the help of their teacher.
Our lessons are incredibly fun, but you won't find any "fluff" here. We help kids learn and understand musical concepts many people aren't exposed to until college!
Learning one piece out of a book to the next, over and over....nope! We teach kids how to play their favorite songs (literally ANY song they choose), how to improvise, and how to compose their own music