Piano Lessons for Kids In Phoenix

Piano lessons built for kids

Kids quit piano faster than any other instrument…

…which is a total shame because it is the best foundational instrument for any musical endeavor later in life.

We built the lesson program to stop this trend.
Our curriculum is created 100% in-house by industry leaders in elementary music education.
All we focus on is piano, and all we teach is kids.
Our teachers are not part-time “contractors” who work their lessons in around gigs, they are full time employees who live and breathe our mission of creating the most amazing piano lesson experience possible for kids.

“As a parent who learned the “traditional way”, I am amazed at how much music theory my kids already know at 6 and 9 years old. But all they care about is that they are learning to play the songs that they love from teachers that they trust and admire.” -Kendra

STEM for Music Education

Most music schools hire teachers as private contractors. This keeps costs down, but also ensures that each teacher kind of just does their own thing. That's not good enough for your kid, and we know that. Our school is one of the first in the entire country to have our teachers on full time salary with health care and 401k benefits. This means piano lessons are literally all we do, and all of our teachers use the same cutting edge curriculum and lesson structure.
"Any instrument and all ages" might seem great on the surface...but you have a kid who needs piano lessons. Piano is one of the most challenging instruments to learn, and kids demand much more attention and expertise to teach. We intentionally do not teach adults, and only offer one instrument for a reason: so our program can maximize the experience and results for kids taking piano lessons at our school.
Our founders, Shawna and Jason have 25 years combined teaching experience in both music and elementary education. The addition of modern elementary education into our curriculum is what really sets us apart. STEM for Music Education brings in real world, project-based learning to piano lessons for kids. It's an experience your child can't get anywhere else.