Group Piano Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Collaborative music experiences for kids

Summer camps and Spring/Fall band classes

Our summer camps and band classes add real world music application to the high end content students learn in private lessons.

These are not a cheap alternative to learning via one-on-one piano lessons, but an add on that takes music making to an entirely new level.

Our rotating programs include jazz combos, electronic music ensembles, musical theatre, and piano orchestra (4 pianos playing real string quartet music!)

Our summer camps and band classes are only available to current private lesson students, unless an interview and audition is arranged.

12-week programs that help small groups of students create their own band and perform their own original compositions. Each session concludes with the most epic concert!
4-day, 3-hour camps that help students grow their piano skills with the most engaging collaborative music projects around. These are true music-emersion camps, with the entire three hours each day spent learning and performing.
Most group music programs for young kids include colored stickers on the keys to help know what to play, games (like hacky sack and duck duck goose) to fill time, and fast-track cheat sheets to make learning *less* challenging. Not at Blue in Green! We believe kids can and want to spend their time learning engaging new things, and have built our group class programs to maximize their potential.