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About Us

Hi, I'm Jason, one of the founders of Blue in Green School of Music. I have played piano my whole life, but almost quit many times as a kid. Piano lessons were either scary or simply focussed on having fun with no concern for what I was learning. I constantly felt bad about my abilities and completely gave up in my early 20s. When I began teaching piano in 2007, I was on a mission to find a method that celebrated and supported kids in the way I never experienced as a kid. When I realized no system offered the balance I was looking for, I knew I had to create my own! I teamed up with Shawna, a 5th grade teacher, and together we created a brand new piano teaching method and the music school: Blue in Green. Our piano lesson program helps empower kids through the satisfaction of playing the music they love and the breakthrough of understanding complex music fundamentals. Your child will love their lessons, and you will love experiencing the rewards together.


Jason’s own music journey set the groundwork for Blue in Green. He didn’t always find success on the traditional path. Like many, he began piano lessons at age 5, but struggled to keep up and had trouble reading music. Even so, Jason always found a way to compose his own music and play in small local Phoenix bands (Hooves, North Brother Island, and several jazz combos). He attended multiple high schools in the Valley- a performing arts school, a visual arts school, and, finally a high school that offered a recording class.

He started teaching piano to Phoenix youth at the age of 19, constantly striving to deliver reading skills stronger than his teachers were able to provide him. After starting music programs at local Montessori schools, he realized that the key was creating a program that allowed experiential learning at a student’s own pace. After 13 years of refinement, this is the system that Blue in Green utilizes today.


Shawna grew up in the small copper mining community of Kearny in southeastern Arizona. Being the daughter of two teachers, she had a great value of education instilled from a young age, and pursued her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from ASU, graduating in 2011. Shawna went on to teach math in local Phoenix elementary and middle schools, including 6-8th grade at Wilson Elementary in 2012, 7th grade at Gateway School (Creighton Elementary School District) in 2013, and 5th grade at Gateway form 2013 to 2018.

While helping to create Blue in Green School of Music, Shawna strived to bring the student-centered, explorative learning and teaching strategies typically found in math and other STEM areas into music education. It has been her goal to bring Jason’s vision of a program allowing experiential learning at the student’s individual pace to reality. Through her rigorous approach to curriculum planning and design, Blue in Green has developed a uniform system currently used by all teachers.


We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have, as well as send you a brochure with more information about Blue in Green.