Jason’s own music journey set the groundwork for Blue in Green. He didn’t always find success on the traditional path. Like many, he began piano lessons at age 5, but struggled to keep up and had trouble reading music. Even so, Jason always found a way to compose his own music and play in small local Phoenix bands (Hooves, North Brother Island, and several jazz combos). He attended multiple high schools in the Valley- a performing arts school, a visual arts school, and, finally a high school that offered a recording class.

He started teaching piano to Phoenix youth at the age of 19, constantly striving to deliver reading skills stronger than his teachers were able to provide him. After starting music programs at local Montessori schools, he realized that the key was creating a program that allowed experiential learning at a student’s own pace. After 13 years of refinement, this is the system that Blue in Green utilizes today.