Piano Lessons for Kids In Phoenix

The Piano Lesson Revolution is Here

Phoenix’s most in demand piano school

Blue in Green was created in 2019 by the educational powerhouse of Shawna Craig and Jason Mohlenbrock.
Shawna is an ASU education grad who taught 5th grade in Phoenix’s Creighton district for 5 years…she partnered with Jason, who created the top music programs Cave Creek Montessori and Arcadia Montessori have ever seen and taught private piano lessons for 13 years in Phoenix with his own piano method.
When they started, Shawna and Jason tried opening an all-encompassing music school for any instrument and any age.  They soon realized that their educational wheelhouse lined up with a very specific, very important need:  kids piano lessons.  They scrapped all other instruments and all other ages (sorry adults!) and poured everything into creating the most innovative piano lesson program for kids.
There are no “private contractors” at Shawna and Jason’s school, instead all teachers are employees who use the same curriculum and lesson structure.
In the beginning of 2021, Blue in Green became the first private music lesson school in the country to offer its piano teachers full time salaries with health insurance and 401k benefits!
This is a music school built for kids learning piano, that is changing the way piano lessons are taught and piano teachers are treated.
There are currently no open spots at Blue in Green, but be sure to join their waiting list so your kid can get a spot in line!
The country has not seen a piano program like this, because no other piano program was built with kids' educational needs first
The teachers at Blue in Green are not "private contractors" who do their own thing...they are full time employees who live and breath making piano lessons for kids better and better every day.
Blue in Green does not teach "all instruments" or "all ages"...because kids learning piano deserve all of the attention! Because of this hyper-focus, you won't find any other piano lessons in Phoenix, Arizona, or the rest of the country that provide the results you see at Blue in Green