About Blue in Green Music School


There are so many systems out there that bypass fundamentals to make lessons fun and easy, and so many lessons that sacrifice the fun for discipline and structure…Yeah, no thanks!

As trained educators we know that the key to learning (and loving) a skill is having a system that focuses on a structured approach to fundamentals AND a space to apply those tools in a fun and student-centered way.

We couldn’t find anything that did both to our satisfaction, so we made our own!

100% original curriculum

Our system helps kids understand reading, rhythm, technique, music theory, and music history.

Put your kid center-stage

Musical tools only go so far. Our lessons help students learn to play their favorite songs, compose their own pieces, and improvise!

Employee-based music school

No luck of the draw here! All of our teachers are employees of our school (not private contractors) and use our comprehensive curriculum and lesson structure.

What gets measured, gets results

Our entire curriculum is leveled and attached to a points and prizes system. Our students can literally see the progress they make, which positively reinforces practice and motivation!