Why “2 years from now” matters so much in music education

Wednesday January 27, 2021 by Jason Mohlenbrock

(It’s easier to teach, and the responsibility is on the student)

2 years from now will only be successful with enough discipline and practice.

In 2 years, your student will be more creative and understand what’s really going on (if they’re lucky).

If your student memorizes how to read the notes on the staff fast enough, in 2 years they’ll be sight reading!

If they learn the material and try hard enough, your student will earn the stage (in 2 years).

Discipline, practice, head down, show up…and in 2 years it will be worth it.  

What about right now?

Nah, that’s scary.

Anything can happen right now!  Mistakes, no practice, no understanding…

So we delay…we put off the real test for at least 2 years.

What happens when right now is prioritized?  When confidence, creativity, and inspiration take a front seat immediately?  And what happens when right now is repeated continuously for 2 years?

(Hint:  It’s harder to teach, but amazing for your student)