Piano Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

The piano lesson revolution is here

Piano lessons built for kids

The piano is the one of the easiest instruments to play…a single note.
Since it’s so simple to play one thing at a time, a piano player is expected to *know it all:
Read multiple notes in multiple clefs, play multiple notes in one hand while improvising in the other, change rhythms and keys on a moment’s notice….
Is your head spinning yet?  How do you think an 8-year old feels!?
We built Blue in Green to provide a place for kids to fully understand and enjoy the music they learn.  Our original curriculum, STEM for Music Education was built specifically for kids by some of the most experienced educators in the industry.
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STEM piano lessons
Our students learn the math and science of how music really works.

College-level content
We help kids learn and understand musical concepts many people aren't exposed to until college

Extreme confidence
When it comes to music comprehension and performance, our students gain a confidence level you don't typically see in kids.

"Our daughter started a couple years ago and has found such a passion for creating music. She is learning more than just memorizing a piece which is why we love BlueinGreen. They are so excited to teach all areas of making music. From hearing, reading and playing to creating their own band! We are so grateful to have found them. Thanks guys!" -Lauren

A Note From Our Founders

Piano lessons should not be left to the “luck of the draw.” As seasoned educators, we understand the power of kids being fully engaged in the learning process.

We started Blue in Green and created STEM for Music Education to give parents a new alternative: Piano lessons that give young students a college-level understanding of music theory, and the empowerment to learn and create any music they dream of.

Our teachers are all employees of the school (we are actually one of the only private music instruction schools in the country to have teachers on full time salary with health insurance and 401k benefits) who use the same curriculum and methods we created.  We all believe in the power of kids in music, and can’t wait to help your kid reach their potential.

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