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piano lessons for kids

Learning so powerful your kid will ask for more!



Remember piano lessons being stale and boring? Not good enough for our kids! Let’s celebrate who they are and how they learn:
Right here, right now.

At Blue in Green, we believe that kids are inspired to love and learn music when they have a space to take chances, explore patterns, and create new things.

That’s why we created a program that gives kids a low stress environment, fun lessons, and discovery-based learning!


When kids are allowed to learn at their own pace, they are empowered to feel good about who they are. We created our own curriculum and teacher training program to ensure they achieve this.


Students get to pick out the songs they learn (literally ANY song). Our points and prizes system allows kids to track their progress and pick their own rewards for their progress!


Reading music? Understanding theory? Composing? Improvising? Music History? Check, check, check, check, and check! We help kids see patterns in music and make sense of complex skills and material.

“As a parent who learned the “traditional way”, I am amazed at how much music theory my kids already know at 6 and 9 years old. But all they care about is that they are learning to play the songs that they love from teachers that they trust and admire.” -Kendra


Built with you in mind, too!

You’re making an awesome choice by starting piano lessons for your child, so we’re going to help you relax and enjoy it!

Modern Waiting Lounge

Relax in our mid-century modern waiting lounge while your child takes their lesson. Listen to the vinyl and enjoy free wifi, water, coffee… even local beer and wine!

No Practice Battles

We use an interactive app, with videos and theory activities in between lessons. Our points and prizes system positively reinforces practice and achievements. Sit back and enjoy the progress and excitement!

Easy Rescheduling

Need to miss a lesson? No problem! We only require 4 hours notice, and we’ll send you a link with a simple calendar tool to reschedule your lesson.
No questions asked!


We help kids share their accomplishments with online recording projects and fun concerts at local venues throughout each year!



Follow us on your favorite social media platform, or come schedule a tour and come say hi! Conveniently located in Central Phoenix.


Online Lessons Available